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This Week Key Words 12/20/2009

* 海鲜 第一次觉得海鲜好吃,Buzz说主要是因为那个海鲜是按西安口味做的,西安什么口味?我觉的好吃的东西一定要口味分明,要用醋和盐来领衔各路调料,其次是一定要辣的高雅,就是说要辣得人爱恨交加但可以承受。

* 书 眼看年底了,有点不敢回忆年初时候的计划,就阅读这块的计划,真是无言面对,不管是Jul.送的英文原版,还是自己买的众多读物,似乎一概束之高阁,落满尘土,罪过罪过… 还好年末发现几本好书,翻了寥寥数页就很有醍醐灌顶的亲切感,今天必须要提的是昨天Angela送的那本《迟到的间隔年》,相见恨晚。

* Party & Gift 很多年没有这么费心组织大家玩乐了,也当然很久没有收到这么多礼物了,还是那样的感想,2009年里面学到了很多东西,“关心和分享”,“耐心和坚持”。我想我会越来越放松,无论如何的境况,生活就应该从容一些。

* THE SHARES 一首歌:The.Wrestler By Lina

一段话:About True Success (By Xiaolai)

… From those things, and one other perhaps, I coined my own definition of success. Which is: peace of mind attained only through self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you’re capable. I believe that’s true.

Never try to be better than someone else, always learn from others. Never cease trying to be the best you can be — that’s under your control. If you get too engrossed and involved and concerned in regard to the things over which you have no control, it will adversely affect the things over which you have control.

—— John Wooden

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